Our produce section is a feast for all the senses. Once you walk through the doors you are bam bared with bright colors, neatly arranged displays and the fresh smell of the best produce available. You can spend hours just exploring the new and never before seen items. Our expert staff will gladly inform you on any question whether it is preparation or the ever so popular "I’ve never seen it before, but it looks so good. What is it?"

If you’re looking for something from sweet ripe peaches at their pike of freshness, to those hard to find items like star fruit, radicchio, daikon or English peas, Village Market Place is your store! We even carry a full line of organic and seasonal items, delivered fresh every day. Quality and service is job #1 at Village Market Place. Anything that we wouldn’t take home to our families, won’t be served to yours either. All of this is available to you at a price and quality that often beats those "big box stores".